Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team!


Inside scoop on Katie!! 🔹 family is priority 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 🔹 sports fanatic, has been athlete 🔹 the gym is my happy place 🔹 words to live by: “YOLO” 🔹 pharmacist!! Graduated from OU really long ago…boomer!! 💯 Super proud and grateful to own Signature Fitness!! Come say 👋 hi
Inside scoop on Gabby!!
🔷Her husband and children are her life. 💜
🔷Yoga is her passion. 🧘‍♀️
🔷 she’s happiest when traveling. 🌎
🔷 She danced and competed for 10 years. 🏅💃
🔷Words to live by: Believe you can and you are half way there.
🔷Gabby teaches Yoga, Technique classes, and she’s our bomb office manager!!
Come say hi 👋
Inside scoop on Brett!
🔹Basketball is his passion @pressonperformance_
🔹 morning person!!
🔹 played college basketball at Panhandle State
🔹 his words to live by: “Relationships are a greater form of currency than money”
🔹has the best way to describe situations using very trendy words “lit” “tough” 😅
We’re extremely blessed to have Brett! Come say 👋 hi
Inside scoop on Collin!
🔹Power lifting is his passion
🔹 if he’s in a gym he’s happy!!
🔹 Multi sport athlete who fell in love with weight lifting
🔹 his words to live by: “Work for what you want”
🔹 Future pharmacist!! 🔥
Super blessed that Collin is a part of the family! Come say 👋 hi