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We’re partnering with you for better patient outcomes.

Signature Fitness is a fitness training center located in McAlester, OK. We deliver medical exercise programs to be the bridge between your biggest health challenges and unstoppable wellness.

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Our healthcare system was not designed to support the current epidemic of chronic disease.

Oklahoma is among the top 5 states in the US for obesity, and more than 50% of adults suffer from at least one chronic disease.

  • Doctors lack the time to educate patients about lifestyle change.
  • Patients progressively get sicker rather than healthier.
  • Physician burnout is at an all-time high.

We pick up where clinical care leaves off.

Healthcare is held up by 2 foundational pillars: clinical care and lifestyle care. Your expertise as a physician is in clinical care. Our expertise at Signature Fitness is in lifestyle care.

We make a perfect partnership.

Exercise has been demonstrated to combat 35 health conditions. At Signature Fitness, we specialize in medical exercise. Our team includes Certified Personal Trainers (CPTs), a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), a Registered Nurse (RN), and a Certified Medical Exercise Specialist (MES).

Most personal trainers only receive education on how to train healthy people. Our team is different because of our rigorous education and deep understanding of the interplay between exercise and disease.

We are a recognized provider of the CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) Lifestyle Change Program.

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How it Works

As a physician, you will:

Refer Patients

Once you diagnose and identify a patient who would benefit from a medical exercise program, referring them to Signature Fitness is as simple as sending us an email or handing a referral prescription to the patient.

Receive Updates

You will receive a copy of our baseline physical and nutritional assessment as well as monthly progress reports.

Manage with Ease

Knowing your patients are fully supported in their exercise and lifestyle change, you are free to focus on what you do best.

At Signature Fitness, we will:

Conduct a Baseline Assessment

We will do a baseline physical and nutritional assessment for each client. We will share the results with you of your patient’s body composition based on the InBody tool.

Deliver Lifestyle Coaching

Our programs include personalized nutrition coaching as well as fitness training to meet the needs of each individual. Workouts can be completed 1:1 with a trainer or in small groups of no more than 5 individuals.

Simple Progress Reports

We send you easy-to-read progress reports every 30 days for each patient you refer to us. We will also check in with you personally every 90 days to be sure we make any necessary modifications to each client’s lifestyle program.

Referring patients is simple.

Referring your patients to Signature Fitness is as simple as handing them a prescription or sending an email with referral information to
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Ready to change the trajectory of your health?

Call or email us to schedule your initial assessment.


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