—one workout at a time.

We’ll change the trajectory of your health

Signature Fitness is the bridge between your biggest health challenges and unstoppable wellness.


You know that food and movement should improve your health, but maybe you’re…

  • Feeling out of place or uncomfortable at a commercial gym.
  • Frustrated that working out hasn’t gotten you results.
  • Confused by all the noise about diets and nutrition.
  • Worried that exercise might aggravate your health condition.

Signature Fitness is different than your average gym.

Gyms are a great place for exercise machines, but they were never designed to support people dealing with chronic illnesses or those at risk of health issues.

At Signature Fitness, we specialize in medical exercise.

You’ll notice the difference as soon as you walk through our doors. We’ve created an environment where everyone can feel comfortable and welcome—no matter their health struggles or level of fitness.



How it Works

Initial Assessment

Our first step together is to get clear on your goals and do a physical and nutritional assessment. We use the InBody tool to get a baseline understanding of your body composition and metabolic health.

Nutrition & Meal Planning

Based on your unique situation and goals, we’ll provide you with personalized nutrition recommendations and guidance on meal planning. You’ll also have access to our nutrition education program through a convenient online portal.

Tracking Results

One of the things that sets us apart from other fitness centers is that we monitor your progress every month and make changes as needed. If your physician refers you to our program, we send them a progress report every 30 days.

What does all this mean for you?

  • Finally look forward to your workouts
  • Move more freely and feel good in your body
  • Minimize your reliance on medications
  • Lower your risk of serious disease
  • Recover your energy and fitness

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Ready to change the trajectory of your health?

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